Cast | Jordan Battiste

Jordan Battiste
Jordan Battiste has always dreamed of stardom -- but never thought he'd get there without his friends. A member of a tight-knit band who promised never to go solo, Jordan changed his mind for a shot at the big-time when he got the call from P. Diddy's Starmaker. (We're sure his band-mates understand!) As a kid, Jordan found his mentor in a local music producer, which led to his fascination with production and performance. Although mostly interested in R&B and pop, Jordan's musical heroes are an eclectic bunch, including Bjork, Timbaland, Sade and Pharrell. Now that he's really going for it, Jordan says he's ready to be a star-- and admits that what scares him most about P. Diddy's Starmaker is "being written off as the contestant who didn't win."

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