Cast | Liz Davis

Liz Davis
Everybody's coming into this competition looking to stand out -- but for Liz Davis, it shouldn't be too difficult. That's because the 21 year-old Mississippi native (who recently set up shop in Tennessee) is the only country singer on the show! So what's Liz's dream? To become the next Reba McEntire, of course! Liz already has the Southern Belle part down -- her friends describe her as loud, honest and incredibly loyal, although they also note her emerging "diva" potential. Liz credits her parents with being her number one fans and supporting her from day one, and explains that she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to live in the heart of country music. Not that she's opposed to other music. Though a country girl at heart, Liz says she's excited to perform all genres of music and would love to work with Diddy some day.

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